KNIGHT WATCHMANReal Name: Reid Randall

Identity/Class: Normal human.

Occupation: Fashion designer


Earth B: Knights of Justice

Earth A: Round Table of America

Enemies: Mr. Mask, Quizmaster, Grandfather Clock, Pink Flamingo, Baron Fledermaus, El Diablo, Cheshire Cat

Known Relatives: Jerry Randall/Kid Galahad (nephew), Ma Randall (mother), Ted (older brother, deceased), Janet (sister-in-law, deceased)

Aliases: Twilight Paladin, Purple Pimpernel

Base of Operations: the Watchtower, Midway City, Earth A

Powers/Abilities: world class decathlon athlete, skilled fighter, detective

History: College student and Olympic hopeful Reid Randall was called home to Midway City when mobsters attempted to take over the family garment business. His older brother Ted and his wife Janet were killed by a car bomb and Reid vowed to avenge their deaths, deciding that the whole warehouse district needed a guardian to protect it from the mob.

Wearing a simple homemade costume and mask to protect his identity, and using his athletic skills, Reid defeated the gang single-handedly. He dressed his downed opponents in women’s clothes and left them tied up for the police. During the fight, one of the gang had referred to Reid as a night watchman. Recalling how his mother had referred to him as her “knight in shining armor”, the Knight Watchman was born to protect the innocents from criminals.

The wooden water tower on the roof of a warehouse became the Watch Tower, where the Knight Watchman began his nightly vigil over the city. The building below was the real secret headquarters, housing a laboratory, training area and the garage which housed the motorcycle known as the “Iron Horse” and later, the high performance automobole known as the WatchWagon.

Reid’s nephew Jerry Randall soon entered the war on crime, claiming that “every knight needs a squire!” A knight in training, Jerry adopted the guise of Kid Galahad and together the two became the terror of the Midway City underworld.

Midway City was the most dangerous and corrupt city in America, run by mobsters who had fought a continual gang war for control since the Great depression. But instead of simple mobsters, the Twlite aces were soon facing Mr Mask, whose disfigured, clay-like face could be reshaped to look like anyone else; former game show writer the Quizmaster; the rotund, top-hatted Grandfather Clock; and the sinister, smiling Pinkerton Fleming, a.k.a. the Pink Flamingo.

Aside from Galahad, the Knight Watchman’s closest friend was Ultiman. Known as “the World’s Best Friends”, they shared many adventures together and with the Round Table of America, an assemblage of America’s best & brightest heroes which they established at the request of President Kennedy.

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