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GRAVEYARD SHIFTThe graphic novel from the acclaimed Big Bang Comics mini-series originally published by Image Comics in 1998. This is the gripping story by Chris Ecker, Gary Carlson with stark, atmospheric, film noir-ish artwork by Ben Torres. It’s been five long years since the Knight Watchman prowled the streets of Midway City… Now the city is under siege, and the streets are deadlier than ever before… But so is he.

On the heels of an assassination attempt that leaves the Mayor in a coma and the city’s hero, GALAHAD, in traction; THE KNIGHT WATCHMAN ends his retirement and returns to the streets to keep the city from falling further into chaos. However, chaos is exactly the plan orchestrated by the Knight Watchman’s arch enemy, PINK FLAMINGO. The master criminal has taken over the city government by installing Deputy Mayor PRINCETON into office, and unleashing the dirty cops on his payroll. When a mugger turns up dead and the evidence points straight at the Knight Watchman, Midway City’s former hero becomes its most wanted criminal. This edition from Pulp 2.0 features the gritty, urban superhero storytelling that was a hallmark of the 90’s, and reinvented one of the founding heroes of the Big Bang Universe.

This edition is complete with bonus features making it a must-have for all comics fans.


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