THUNDER GIRL DIGESTFrom The Big Bang Comics Collection comes this tribute to one of the greatest “girl comics” of all time – THUNDER GIRL! Chosen from among all others by the immortal Mother Nature, young Molly Wilson has been entrusted with the very forces of the universe in order to right wrongs, and seek truth and justice for all. In times of dire need, young Molly has the power to call on these forces of nature with the utterance of a single magical word: ALAKAZAM! A word that transforms the shy young orphan into the “Strongest Girl in the World,” THUNDER GIRL!

Now – armed with the flight of an eagle, the wisdom of an owl, the strength of an elephant, eyes of a hawk, and skin as hard as a diamond – Thunder Girl fulfills the destiny Mother Nature saw for her as a champion of Peace and Justice. This Pulp 2.0 edition features all the Thunder Girl stories together for the first time along with bonus features that go behind the scenes of the history of Big Bang Comics and its Maid of Magic.

Included is a tribute to the artist who made Thunder Girl great – Bill Fugate who passed away in 2013.


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